Poothlo Nagavalli Mulla; Surbhi Lakshmi reached Vinod Kovur’s ancestral house to see that beautiful sight

Surbhi Lakshmi and Vinod Kovur are such stars who have won the hearts of the audience with their different characters. The M80 Moses brought these stars closer to the audience. Surbhi Lakshmi and Vinod Kovur, who became a popular pair, later appeared in other stage shows as well.

Now Surbhi Vinod has come to share the joy of coming to Kovur’s uncle’s house to see the spring of jasmine. Nagavalli Mulla blossomed in the ancestral house of Vinod Kovur.
that smells good. Many years ago, a jaggery plant bought from a nursery suddenly blossomed. Now it is on the whole tree near the house and on the roof. This jasmine blooms in December. Vinod Kovur said that the age of this Mullah is four to five days.

I am now in the house of Chitramoola, Vinodetan’s brother. This mullah blooms here every year. Most of the people come here to see it. The view here is spectacular. that smells good. When we had the M80 Moses we used to come here and take pictures. After sometime we are going to Kasaragod for a function. When I came I saw this, I was horrified and delighted.

Whoever wants to see can come and see. Surbhi ends by saying that it looks like it will be over in five or six days. Vinod also arrived with Surbhi Lakshmi taking photographs. He shared the pictures with the caption, Najmamale Pathu today when he came to see the spring flowers at Kovur House.

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