Pooja to Pooja will be the film that Hindus will pay attention to, Malikappuram itself or even more’: Ramasimhan

Kochi: ‘Malikappuram’ starring Unni Mukundan is running as a huge success in the theatres. Many prominent people have given their reaction regarding the film. Director Ramasimhan says that ‘Pooja Tedhi Pooja Paka’ will be one such film, which is going to get the attention of ‘Malikappuram’ or even more. Ramasimhan has clarified this through a Facebook post.

‘1921 Pooja to Pooja is sitting in cold storage of Censor Board. We think the politicians will be pissed, this will be a film that Hindus will get as much attention as Malikappuram or even more,’ said Ramasimhan. Ramasimhan said this when there are some issues related to the censorship of the film which is waiting for its release.

Earlier, the High Court had quashed the action of the Central Board of Film Censors in which ‘Pooja To Pooja Hapa’ was left for re-examination. The film ‘Pooja Tedhi Pooja Paka’ was made by taking money from the public under the banner of the production company Mamdharma.

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