Politicians and progressives cry that it is caste hatred when a gentleman decides to shut down Kachotham, even if the real casteists flushed the toilet with these poor women, renaissance Kerala has still not found time to cry; Harish Paradi

After criticisms were raised against Mohanan Namboothiri, the in-charge of the kitchen at the school arts festival.
Earlier, Mohanan Namboodiri had said that he would no longer come to state school art festival sites for cooking.

This was followed by a number of people arriving expressing dismay at the retreat to the old hideout. Actor Harish Paradi has strongly criticized such people.

Harish Peradi’s criticism refers to the ongoing caste abuses at the KR Narayanan Institute. All politicians and progressive people in Kerala cry that it is caste hatred when a saint decides to shut down and leave Kachodam.

Harish Peradi said that even though the real caste fanatics started protesting on behalf of these poor women after using the toilet.

How efficiently the upper class rules over all revolutionary movements and pseudo-progressives. Harish Peradi also said that Kerala is still a temple… It is God’s abandoned land. Harish Peradi was criticized through social media.

All politicians and progressives in Kerala are crying foul saying it is caste hatred when a god decided to shut down kachotham… A month passed though real caste fanatics caused these poor women to use toilets started protesting…renaissance kerala is still not done had time to cry…how cleverly upper class are ruling all revolutionary movements and pseudo progressives..vivekananda swamy..sorry..kerala is still bhantralaya… it’s god’s forsaken land

In KR Narayanan Sansthan, casteist abuses are being hurled against the cleaning staff. Yet Harish Peradi criticizes politicians and pseudo-progressives who pretend not to see it.

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