Pavitra is like a movie, mother needs a good rest; Lakshmi Nakshatra says that a son is coming to his house.

Videos shared by anchor Lakshmi Nakshatra always get a lot of views. Lakshmi always comes up with a different kind of videos. Still the actor shared such a video. Lakshmi Nakshatra shared the joy of having a little guest at their home. Lakshmi says that she felt that her house would be like a sacred film. This video has been shared by the actor through his channel. Lakshmi says that this video was released after persuading her parents in a way.

Lakshmi says I am very happy to say in today’s video, sometimes trolls will come after I say so, but she will say so and she doesn’t mind trolls. A baby is going to come to my house. Some people will make fun of me for saying this, but it is not happiness in our house.

Father and mother are thinking how people will take it if they say so, they also thought whether pavitram will be like movie. But there is no point in hiding it. Now the report of scanning has come. Lakshmi shares the good news saying that the doctor has said that she needs a good rest.

Lakshmi said that her mother has still locked the door and her father is walking in this area, saying that Lakshmi went to her mother saying that she will show that person. Lakshmi went straight away with sweets in hand, but at first she tried to give chocolate to her mother, but soon Lakshmi showed the puppy lying on the bed. Event Lakshmi’s puppy is pregnant. The actor shared this joy. But after watching the video, people got it all wrong.

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