‘Only Kamal Haasan has the right to call my film bad in India’; son of alphonse

Director Alphonse Putran replied again to the person who replied to the protest post. Alphons had shared a note in response to the bad reactions and trolls against Gold Cinema. The director has a reply to the commenter on this.

Gold is a bad movie, of course. Download the next picture, the view will change,’ was the comment. Alphons responded by reposting the screenshot.

‘That’s wrong brother, suppose you didn’t like the film. The only person I saw in India who had the capacity to call my film bad was Kamal Haasan sir. He is the only person who knows more about the film than me. Then when you say it again, you have to insist that you don’t like it,’ was Alphonse’s response. But this post was removed shortly.

Opposing the trolls, Alphonse notes that he is no one’s slave and no one has been given the right to mock or publicly insult him. The director had also said that if more such abuses were received, he would disappear from social media. The director has removed his face from social media as a protest.

Story Highlights: Kamal Haasan is the only one in India who has the right to say my film is bad, says Alphonse Puthren