One by one the house is filled with girls; About Krishnakumar

Krishnakumar, his children and his wife are active on social media. Many times they reach their fans by making videos through YouTube channel. Krishnakumar’s daughter Ahana is also active in films. After the elder sister, the younger brothers also ventured into cinema.

Now Nisha’s post about Krishna Kumar and his children is going viral. I’ve written about these girls many times, but I didn’t really think about this one man’s story until I got to know him in person. I understand why these girls are roaming like this. Someone who only speaks with a smile after every five words. I have a lot of time and my kids have started earning income. I’m the only one who doesn’t make it. So you don’t need to watch anything in the house. There has never been a happier time. Saying this he laughed again.

One by one the girls overflow The So Cold Pura house. Usually, a father has to borrow the chest of another world when his own chest is not enough. This father handed over his children for his life and went free. How can those girls not laugh like this? When I saw the video of the father dancing more than the girls in it, I felt like writing. The positivity given by that householder is the energy of those women.

Such men should be behind the success of every woman. He became a husband, a father, a lover and a son. Nisha wrote about Krishnakumar that instead of seeing him as a burden, she decided to color the rest of her life by burdening him.