On being asked how is my film, Dulquer said- Siddique

Asked how is my film, Dulquer says very predictable: Siddique

Siddiqui shared his experiences with Dulquer Salmaan. Siddiqui said that he has been watching Dulquer since he was three years old and since childhood he was not much talkative. In an interview with Milestone Makers, Siddique also talked about Dulquer’s candid reaction when asked about his film.

“I met Dulquer for the first time when I was three years old. When he was a little older, an incident happened. Mamuka and I have to go for a shoot. Mamuka said you come home in the morning and we will go together. Morning When I went home, Dulquer was sitting there. He was not talking at all. Said he was an uncle and sat there.

At that time one of my films was released. He was asked if he had seen it, and he said that he had. When asked how he felt, he said very predictable. What an intelligent replay. It is not that the film is bad or good. I said ok bro.

An earlier memory was the shooting of Mammooka’s Purpad. He had shaved off his mustache for another film. He acted with a moustache. The shooting is also in the guest house where Mamuka stays. So Itta and her children have come with them.

Mamuka came in the afternoon, had food and went to take the shot. Dulare had never seen anything like this. When he returns, he asks Surumi about Mamuka’s departure. He asked whether Vapachi went or Misha. His love for his father was in question whether he had a moustache. Because don’t forget to keep the moustache,’ Siddiqui said.

However, the film is the last release of Natalia Siddiqui. Directed by Bash Mohammed, the film stars Suraj Venjaramood in the lead role. The film starring Gayatri Arun and Leena hit the theaters on January 6.

Content Highlight: Siddique talks about Dulquer Salmaan’s reply to his film

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