On a trip to Canada we said Ishta, and at the time of Subi’s death, my mother said that the mole was gone but she got a mon; Rahul says

Actress Subi Suresh has said goodbye to this world at the age of 41. Many people know the story of the actress’s life after Subi’s death. This made even those who once criticized Subi appreciate him. Subi Suresh has achieved her life alone. A house of his own, a house for his brother, all this has been built by Subi Suresh with his hard work. Subi had said on the stage that he is proud only when he remembers all this.

But Subi Suresh left when another dream of her life was about to be fulfilled. Subi Suresh introduced her to her future husband Rahul. He also dropped a small hint that the wedding will take place in February.

Fans were waiting for their marriage, but the news of the death of the actress came to the fore. The actress had said that if you want to get married, then marry only for love. The actor also talked about how he had a few romances earlier but had to let them go. After Subi’s death, the future groom Rahul also replied to the media.

Rahul said that we have done many programs together. Don’t always get along It was on the trip to Canada that we said our will. Subi called her mother and asked. Mother asked why it is getting late. Mother loves me more than Subi. They want to take care of them for the rest of their lives if they allow them. At the time of Subi’s death, his mother said that the mole is gone but she has found a mole.

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