Omar Lulu’s new movie has been announced, and viewers are wondering if this will be as good a time as any, and hearing the name has a way of doing it.

Omar Lulu is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He was noticed through the film Happy Wedding. Although it was made on a very low budget, the film went on to become a massive blockbuster. After this he directed many films but the truth is that not a single film reached the level of Happy Wedding.

Now he has announced his new film. The name of the film is Bad Boys. The short name of the film is BB. At the same time, the audience says that it is a good time to hear the name. Meanwhile, Omar Lulu is now talking about the film and the criticisms against it.

It is known that the film is being made by a group of new faces. Omar Lulu himself says that this will be a film that can be seen in theatres. At the same time, he has also talked about the film ‘Good Time’ in this post. Now Omar Lulu is saying that the film was taken to release in OTT. But Omar Lulu says that the film had to be released in theaters only because online platforms have taken a stand that they will take films only when they are released in theatres.

Omar Lulu says that the case related to the film ‘Nalla Cham’ is going on and in its background the film is not being released online and soon after the decision in the case, the film will be released online. Also, he says that Bad Boys will be a film that everyone can watch by going to the theatre.

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