Omar Lulu leaning on Mammootty and rubbing Aashiq Abu; Listen to the words of the director, and discuss the words

Omar Lulu is a notable young director in Malayalam. Omar gained attention after his directorial debut Happy Days became a surprise hit.

After that Umar directed many films. Although the film received mixed reviews, the director said that all his films have been financially successful.

Umar is also very active on social media. Umar does not hesitate to voice his opinion on social media. Now the new post shared by Umar is grabbing everyone’s attention.

Omar has shared a post which indirectly criticizes director Aashiq Abu. The director who made two films flop despite dating Mammootty is called a super director.

Omar Lulu wrote on Facebook that he was called a bad director for making two films with new faces.

Fans say that these words of Umar are for Aashiq Abu. Fans say in the comments that Omar Lulu meant the flops ‘Daddy Cool’ and ‘Gangster’.

Note by Omar Lulu:
People my ‘good time’ is so beautiful. A chepicchi aratata. The one who broke 2 huge nuclear bombs despite having 2 dates with Mamuch is a super director for him, I am a bad director who broke two bombs with some new faces.-Umar noted.

Many people are commenting below Omar’s post. On the other hand, Umar’s new film is getting ready for release. A film titled Power Star is also in the pipeline.

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