Now let me sleep; 1921 Ramasimhan performs community sacrifice to ancestors before the release of the film Pujto Pujha Vapar, critics say Saaji kya tamasha hai.

‘Pooja Todi Pooja Back’ directed by Ramasimhan (Ali Akbar) is one such film which has been garnering attention ever since its announcement. The film, set against the backdrop of the Malabar riots, will release on Friday, March 3.

Ramasimhan made the film by forming a popular association called Mamadharma and collecting money as charity. Thalaivasal Vijay is in the role of Kunjahammed Haji.

Other characters are played by Joy Mathew and RLV Ramakrishnan. The film, which was released in 81 theatres, has got an A certificate.

Now before the release of the film, the pictures of Ramasimhan, who offered community sacrifice to his ancestors, are going viral. Sharing the picture of the sacrifice, Ramasimhan said, “This is tarpanam…mamadharma…tarpanam for those who shout…let me sleep now.”

Ramasimhan’s social media post is as follows-

The souls of 1921 were sacrificed in 2021. Today I am giving him a community sacrifice, a ball of rice that he got from river to river in 1921 from all corners of the world… Be a part of that dedication…
this is to give to the ancestors
Big sacrifice…
to remember… to remind
Chunku cut…cut..these are the remnants of history…
To the sacrificial goats in Tuvvur, Nagalikkavi, from river to river..for you
it’s a joke…
Tribute to the screamers..
let me sleep now

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