not following in her mother’s footsteps and living with her husband; Advice to actress Anushree

Actress Anushree herself revealed the troubles of her personal life through social media. The actress opened up about some beauty spat between her and Vishnu. But today it has become a big problem. Even today, the audience has not been able to understand what is actually the problem between these two.

At present both are separated. Meanwhile, whatever post Anushree makes through social media, there comes a question regarding Vishnu. Anushree shared the post and asked whether it has become Q and A now. This is Anushree’s first ever Q&A on her YouTube channel. More than this, the fans asked the actress about her husband.

I want to see you living with Vishnu. Vishnu’s questions go on whether this will work, will you unite for Soma, will you not follow your mother’s path and stay with your husband. Ninety percent of the time the question is related to Vishnu.

Some repeatedly asked whether he remembered Vishnu in the meantime. Some want to know if a second marriage is possible. Some say that only money is not important in life, they wish for a happy family life. There is also a post of advice and well wishes.