Not every decision is right, there are many losses in life; thanks mary verghese

Dhanya Marie Varghese is an actress who has acted in films and serials. Dhanya has said before that there have been many painful incidents in her life, even though she is always seen smiling in front of the audience. live a happy life
Problems came unexpectedly. Dhanya said this in Bigg Boss house.

Now the things said by the actress are going viral. The actress says that marriage is not a love marriage but we have reached the decision of marriage because of our love. “I didn’t feel like I got married too soon, and I still don’t,” says Dhanya.

Dhanya also talks about staying away from films after marriage. Not every decision is right for us. Sometimes the movies that we feel we don’t need and leave behind can turn out to be the best of our lives. Blessed Mary Varghese says that she has suffered a lot. The actress talked about her role in Drona and not being able to be Manikyam in Palerimanikyam. This reaction of the actress has come in an interview given to Kerala.

Meanwhile, actresses Dhanya Marie Varghese and John Miniscreen are the audience’s own star couple. Dhanya, who did good roles in films in the initial days, later appeared in serials. Today stars are shining on the small screen. Her husband John is also active in acting. Today this star couple is leading a happy life.

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