Normal babies are delivered in the hospital, but do you know where Bashir Bashi’s baby was delivered? Bashir called out the name of the child, and the audience guessed that the name was the same.

Basheer Basheer is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Actors are made from social media. The actor got a lot of fan following after the Bigg Boss show. Even before this, she was one of the well-known models of Kerala. The fact that he had two wives was a major source of criticism. The names of the wives are Suhana and Mashura. The actor lives happily in a house with these two.

His second wife Mashura has now given birth to a boy. Everyone thought the baby would arrive in early March. But now the delivery has already been done a week ago. The child was born on 24 February in the afternoon. The news of the birth of the son was shared by the actor himself.

Babies are usually delivered in a hospital. But the fans say that it seems that this child was born on Instagram. Basheer also shared the Instagram profile of the baby right after the birth. He has shared the photo and name of the child in it. Usually people do not share photos of their newborns like this. But he has not only shared the photo but has also created an Instagram account for the child.

The child’s name is Muhammad Ibran Basheer. Other details of the baby have not been released yet, but since the family has its own YouTube channel, there are reports that several videos of the baby will be released soon. Many people are now coming forward to congratulate him. At the same time, many people reached the spot praising Mashoora for giving birth through caesarean section.

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