No release on Jan 11, Vijay extends film release – Protesters are scared, but here’s the real reason

Dalapathy Vijay is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. He hasn’t acted in a single Malayalam film yet, but he is one of the most admired actors in Kerala. The reason for this is that all the films he has been acting in for the last few decades have created a buzz in Kerala as well. He has achieved such milestones in Malayalam cinema that no other Malayalam actor could claim.

Waaris is his latest film. The film is directed by Vamshi Patipalli. The trailer shows that it is a family drama film. Vamshi is a director who predominantly directs Telugu films. Also the film has another Telugu connection. The film is produced by Dil Raju who has produced many films in Telugu. It is also known that this is his first Telugu film.

Meanwhile, it is known that the Telugu version of the film will not release on January 11. The Tamil version will release worldwide on January 11 itself. Meanwhile, it is known that the Telugu version of the film will release on January 14. Cynics are asking whether the release was changed due to fear of Telugu films. But the important reason for changing the release is another.

Dil Raju is also one of the heads of the Producers Guild. Earlier, he had issued a statement. He decided that priority should be given to Telugu films during the festive season. Now this decision has become a matter of shame for him. A Tamil film produced by him gets theaters in his own country only after three days. Two films of two important Telugu stars are releasing in those three days. This is also the day when Chiranjeevi and Balakrishnan come face to face.

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