No project is seen big or small, everyone gives our Anna; Manju and Anikha react to joint controversy

Samyukta is an actress who has played many popular characters in Malayalam. Later this actor got opportunities from other languages. The actor was able to capitalize on the film’s success there. Samyuktha told that she has decided not to go to Malayalam anymore. During this
The actress was called for the promotion of Boomerang.

But the actress said that she is now working in pan level films and not in Malayalam, she cannot come for the promotion of any small film. It became a big controversy. Many people criticized the actress.

Later many people gave their opinion on this, actress Anikha Surendran and actress Manju Pillai responded when asked about it. That’s what he said.

I have never seen a project bigger or smaller. I give my all to any project. Anikha said that even if a promotion is given, it is only one.

Manju Pillai also said that for a mother all children are equal. All give is character, all give is money. Giving everything is our food. When this happens, so must what we give in return. Manju Pillai said that from the production boy who serves tea to the completion of the film, director, camera man and actors all work equally, there is no age or youth. He replied during the promotion of Oh My Darling.

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