No one should be afraid to see his face; Singer Abhiram Suresh talks about what happened to his face

Abhirami Suresh is well known to Malayalees. Abhiram, better known among Malayalam people as the sister of singer Amrita Suresh, is a singer and actress.

People started recognizing Abhiram ever since he appeared as a contestant in Bigg Boss season 3. Abhiram also attracts attention for his musical performance with Amrita.

Abhiram is also very active on social media. Abhiram, who is active on social media, often keeps sharing big things about his child.

In such a situation, the social media video shared by the actor the other day is attracting everyone’s attention. In the video shared in connection with the Christmas celebration at home, the star’s lips were thick and swollen.

With this many people came to ask what happened to the star. Abhiram replied that lip fillers are used to enhance the size of the lips and make them beautiful.

The actor went on to say that one should not be afraid of their face. Filler is a method of injecting fillers to replace hollows or imperfections on the face or body to make them appear normal.

Abhiram gave this treatment to his lips. Abhiram says that currently the treatment is going on and there are some changes in the face.

It is an attempt to solve the predicament he is facing. Fillers cost less than things like plastic surgery. Abhiram also clarifies that it can be done within 30000.

The singer also revealed that she has had fillers in the past to sculpt her face. Abhirami has a health problem called prognathism. Abhiram has often faced trolls because of this.

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