No one is forced to convert, nor is love jihad – another reason for Suhana to leave Christianity and convert to Islam, and the reason is now known only to the audience.

Basheer Basheer is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor’s identity is from the field of modeling, but the actor’s attention increased when he appeared as a contestant in the program Bigg Boss. The actor’s talk of having two wives has drawn a lot of criticism, but despite this the actor is very happy with both of them and his second wife has given birth to a boy a few days back. A large number of people reached to congratulate both.

And his first wife’s name is Suhana. She was a girl of a different religion. But she later married Basheer and converted to Islam. Because of this many people started criticizing Basheer. Many came forward claiming that someone forced his wife to convert and it was love jihad. Now the answer to all these has been seen in a video of Basheer.

“I have not converted Suhani. Many such comments are coming on social media that I converted it. People who talk like this are religious extremists. Some people say that love is jihad and religion change. But nothing like that.” – says Bashir.

“At the time I was dating her, she was very interested in the traditions of Islam. She knew everything about Islam. That’s why she converted to Islam on her own free will. She was born in a Christian family.” Bashir added. His real name is Joswin Soni. She changed her name after her marriage to Basheer. The two got married after a long courtship.

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