New good news in Akhil and Suchitra’s life; Finally released by Shalini

Shalini is the person who became the favorite star of the audience through Bigg Boss. Shalini, who has been active on social media since coming out, is sharing posts from time to time. But with post sharing increasing, some people have started criticizing Shalini, without thinking twice, the star keeps telling her fans whether she is happy or sad. Now Shalini has shared a great joy in the life of Akhil and Suchitra, who are her close friends and some of the Bigg Boss stars have also commented below the star’s post.

I kept it a secret for so long without breaking this wonder. Even if given in a minivial, both should be drunk. My today’s post is to share a good news about my friends. We are Katta Mitras in the present situation. But this is not to say. I want to tell my loved ones the good news that both the friends are part of two great films.

‘Kakippa’, in which Akhi plays a pivotal role, is well on its way to success with all our best wishes and prayers. Suchi left us a bigger surprise than you expected. I am like that innocent boy in the movie Rasantram, who is trying to avoid the hassle of hiding this secret by telling everyone.

Can’t wait, let’s wait a little longer, guys? Anyway, I am sure 2023 will be a good year for Suchik and Akhik. As the movie said, it must be in our good times. So one day it will come to us too. I need to remember that Akhi mixed some sugar and put it in the tea. list. Be that as it may, I don’t think my child’s heart has the courage to keep secrets anymore. I’ll probably break it down in the next post. So if you make prawn biryani in between, you will be fine. The actor mentioned the good time that time has given you to wait with conviction without losing your courage.