Nayanthara to gear up for a new film with husband Ajith, official announcement has been made

Ajith Kumar is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. He was best known among the Malayalees as the husband of Shalini, one of the most beloved heroines of the Malayalees. But today Shalini is also actually known as Ajit’s wife among the new generation. Ajit’s development is so big.

Now the news of his new film is coming. It is known that this film has been directed by Vignesh Sivan. He himself has officially released this information today. There were already rumors that Vignesh would direct the film. Now all these gossips are true.

Vignesh Sivan is one of the leading directors of Tamil. He got married recently. He is married to Nayanthara, whom Malayalees love. After marriage, they had twin children. Their names are Uir and Ulakam.

At the same time, the film is expected to release by the end of this year. There are rumors that it will be a comedy film, it will be a drama film and it will be an action film. Earlier Vignesh Sivan had directed all the comedy films. Earlier he had done a film with Suriya as the hero but it was a big failure.

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