Naren jumps with joy, celebrates the naming ceremony, do you know what the baby’s name is?

Naren is a Malayalam film actor. He made his film debut as a cinematographer and started acting as a supporting actor. Later he became hero in Achu Ki Amma. Soon he became famous in Malayalam and Tamil. Sunil changed his name to Naren upon entering Tamil cinema.

They shared all the joy of the arrival of new guest in their family. On the fifteenth wedding anniversary, a new person entered the family. Now Naren has shared pictures of his son’s naming ceremony.

We named him. Omkar Naren. Naren shared a picture of calling the baby’s name with a betel nut in his ear and a picture of Monte in his sister’s hand. The post about the arrival of Kunjathithi and the birth of a son went viral. Earlier he had said that the date is in December and all the families are preparing for the arrival of the new person. This year’s Christmas is doubly happy for them.

Naren attracted attention with his portrayal of the city police commissioner in For the People, directed by Jayaraj. Ejo’s role in Achu Ki Amma, directed by Sathyan Anthikad, awakened the actor’s potential. Meera Jasmine was the heroine. Then Saratchandran played the lead role of Kavya Madhavan in Anna Orikkal of Wayanad. Naren played a police officer in the Tamil, Telugu and Bengali versions of For the People and the second part of the film By the People.

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