My wife is a cardiologist, some people are following her, trying to contact her on phone, so her name is not even mentioned – Bigg Boss star Aparna Shahtoot?

Aparna Mulberry is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Though he is a foreigner by birth, he speaks Malayalam like green water. She has also been a contestant of the fourth season of Bigg Boss. This was a contestant who had no opposition and only fans. He approached the competition and the contestants very positively. Hence, he has got many fans from the program. Now the interview given to her women’s magazine is being noticed.

“Have many friends. But I am one of those people who prefer to be alone. My childhood friends are Kevin Alexander, Durga Lakshmi and Shilpa Thambi. All of them are still talked about” – says Aparna. At the same time, Aparna also spoke openly about her life partner.

“My wife is a cardiologist. She is a person who likes a lot of privacy. A lot of people are trying to follow her. Some people are trying to contact her by phone as well. That’s why I haven’t named her. Told. There is a special instruction not to mention the name. My wife is French. That’s why I live in France”- says Aparna Mulberry.

At the same time, he says that he likes to speak in Malayalam. Amrita says that she also decided to participate in the Bigg Boss program thinking that she would get a chance to speak Malayalam. Aparna tells that when she was young, she had to face many problems due to the children she studied with not knowing Malayalam.

Aparna’s father and mother are devotees of Amritanandamayi. He used to live in his ashram. Later, my father was going back to America. She says that Avarna also dropped out after class 10, but India called her back.

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