My husband was bothering me from America; Chandra responds to news about him

Chandra Laxman is one such actress who once rocked the screen. Chandra is active in Malayalam after a hiatus. After acting in other languages, the actress appeared in Malayalam serials after a long time. Chandra is a popular serial actress in Malayalam today. Meanwhile, the star has managed to become a busy actress in Tamil serials as well.

The actress got married last year. The actor is married to actor Tosh Christie. The two came together very late in life. But before this Chandra’s name had also appeared in the gossip column. When Phool reached one crore, the actress also talked about it. There was news that Chandra had gone to America after marriage and here her husband was brutally beating the actress.

Chandra says that there was a rumor that her husband is torturing me from America. The promo video of Star’s event is attracting everyone’s attention. I was pushed in the video. The actor says that even after I fell, he pulled me and left like that. It is believed that the reference is to an accident during the shooting.

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