My hand passed through the skirt above the knee and Swasika asked if she had found Meedu: Elensier.

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Alencer talks about acting in intimate scenes with Swasika in the film ‘Chaturam’. Often it seemed that a lot had passed. But Alencier says that one comment made by Swasika was the biggest certificate he got.

I do not know Swasika. When Siddharth was telling about such a scene, I asked how. This is the first shot with him. Swasika came when she, the screenwriter and Siddharth were seated. He asked why are you not taking the shot.

Siddharth said that you should work together. He doesn’t have any problem. Do you know how many people are there? Light boys, unfamiliar housewives, you only have one intimate scene in the theater, they’re advertising. When she saw the movement, she became very liberated.

I can’t be that much. He realized that he would not be able to walk alone. Siddharth himself designed it. What should be the skirt? His hand went and went above his knee. He caught it and returned it. I thought it shouldn’t be that much. His moral sense did not allow.

Not even for being a feminist. He left thinking that he had not gone far. In an interview given to Malayalam, Alencier Mirchi says that the comment made by Swasika herself is the biggest certificate she has received.

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