My hand got cut when Mohanlal picked it up and threw it, the glass was broken at many places and he was going to the hospital; Babu Antony says fans have experienced a lot

Babu Antony is the favorite actor of Malayalees. The actor, fondly called the Bruce Lee of Malayalam by his fans, did several action films during that time.

At that time there were many people who used to watch the movie to see the action of Babu Antony. Babu Antony is still active in the film industry.

The actor is active in Malayalam and Tamil. Babu Antony’s Malayalam movie Power Star is an upcoming movie. The film’s director Omar Lulu has promised the audience that the old action king Babu Antony will be brought back to the Malayalam audience through Power Star.

The post production work of the film is going on. Meanwhile, the video shared by Babu Antony on his social media page is garnering attention among film lovers.

A video of Babu Antony talking about the outfit scene with Mohanlal in the action film Third Mura is going viral.

Babu Antony’s words-

Mohanlal and I used to exercise and work out together during the breaks of the shoot. There was an outfit scene in the film. In which Mohanlal picked me up and threw me on the glass table.

It was a duplicate scene. Mohanlal will lift me up and show me and I have to jump in the mirror and that was the scene. This was a special movement.

Timing was very important in that. Mohanlal acted in that scene only after praying that God would do nothing. My hand got cut. He went to the hospital after being hit in several places.

If you actually land on your head when you turn, it’s dangerous. Even if he had fallen on his feet, an accident would have happened. In fact the first to take is back. Babu Antony also says in the video that he did this because he did not want to cheat.

With the video going viral, social media is praising Babu Antony’s dedication and courage in the field of organization.

Meanwhile, K. Thiriyamura is a 1988 Malayalam film directed by Madhu. SN The screenplay is by Swamy.
Mohanlal, Lalu Alex and Revathi play lead roles.

The story of the third installment is that a group of terrorists kidnap a Union Minister and his team and an ex-police officer played by Mohanlal Ali Imran undertakes a daring commando operation to rescue them.

Babu Antony is a member of a terrorist group.

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