My family; Vimala Raman kept Vinay Rai together

Vimala Raman is an actress who has played a few roles in Malayalam cinema. The actress appeared in the film College Kumaran opposite Mohanlal. She also appeared in Nasrani as Mammootty’s heroine. The actress later played a pivotal role in Dileep’s Romeo. Thus, the actress managed to gain a lot of fans in Malayalam as well. Vimala, who was away from acting for a long time, later made a comeback with Mohanlal’s film Opam.

Meanwhile, Vimla and Vinay Rai come to know that they are in love. Many people came to congratulate the stars that day. Now on her birthday, Vimala Raman has shared pictures of her parents with Vinay Rai with the caption ‘My Family’.

Earlier both had done a film together. Vinay Vimala also starred in the 2011 English 3D sci-fi disaster film Demon 999. The film was directed by Soha Roy. Vimala Raman appeared in the film as Vinay Rai’s love interest.

The two have been friends ever since they worked together in the film. Dam 999 was a controversial film. Vinay Rai who started his career as a hero is now a valuable villain in South India.

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