My boyfriend has broken up with me but the reconciliation is not happening, what should I do sister? Did you hear Daisy’s reply to a fan who asked this? Daisy didn’t pass, viewer

Daisy David is one of the favorite stars of Malayali. The actor is seen through the fourth season of Bigg Boss. The actor is best known as a celebrity photographer. We used to meet him only on social media. But when he appeared in the Bigg Boss show, Malayalees got to know him better. The number of his fans was many but he could not remain in the program for long.

The actor recently conducted a question and answer section on social media. It was an opportunity for fans to ask their favorite star any question they wanted to ask. There were many interesting questions. To all this the actor replied like Ullaki Uperi. One question was when will the fourth season of Bigg Boss reunion happen. The actor retorted that the fourth season is over and now the fifth season is about to start and why is the reunion happening again?

Whereas Nimisha asked when she would come to Dubai. Daisy said that there is a plan to come soon and will come in two-three months and now I have a place to stay there. Furthermore, the actor joked that once he is there, there is no need for dating anymore.

Another question was asked – I have broken up with my boyfriend. But he doesn’t come for patchup. What do I do I need some inspiration – was a question. In response, the star said- Is there a situation where you should not eat biryani if ​​you say potichor has gone? I am not qualified to comment in this matter.