‘Mukundunni’ approaches Vineeth Srinivasan after seven actors say no

Actor Evala Babu criticized Vineeth Sreenivasan starrer Mukundan Unni Associates directed by Abhinav Sundar Nayak. Iwala Babu said that the entire film is negative and he does not know how it got the censorship certificate. He also asks where the audience is going. The actor’s response was during a discussion organized on the topic of cinema and writing in connection with the Legislative International Book Festival.

A film named ‘Mukundan Unni’ has come here. I don’t know how it got censored. Because it is completely negative. The film begins with the words ‘No thanks to our’. I am not repeating the climax dialogue here. Here the language spoken by the heroine cannot be used. Such language is used. At least three warnings must be shown for smoking scene and alcohol bottle placement. But this film is a must see, absolute negative. So a film played here. Who is devalued here? For the audience or for the filmmakers?

This is one film where the producer got benefited. I can’t think of a movie like that. I called Vineet Srinivasan and asked about this. Vineet asks how did you act in this film. This story was narrated to about seven heroes. No one was ready. But Vineet cannot escape. Because the film was directed by Vineet’s assistant. The director was confident that this film would work. Iwala Babu said, “Instead of criticizing where the film is going, I wonder where the audience is going.”

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