Mukta and her husband share the good news with their daughter as a witness.

Muktha is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She was one of the stars that once filled Malayalam cinema. Apart from Malayalam, he has also played notable characters in Tamil. She is also one of the favorite actresses of the family audience. But after marriage, he took a temporary break from the film industry.

Later, the actor returned after a gap of years. But the actor didn’t come back through the film industry. Instead, the actor returned through the television sector. The actor is not only very active on social media, he also shares all the small and big details of his life with his fans.

The actor also has his own YouTube channel. The actor informs his fans about all the new features in the form of videos through this channel. Now his latest feature has become the talk of the town among Malayalees. This post has been shared by the actor on Instagram.

The actress has now shared a picture of herself with her husband and daughter. The actor shared a beautiful picture of the two kissing the actor. The actor has now said that he is thankful for all the memories that the year 2002 gave him. At the same time, viewers are now asking whether new life will start in 2023 or not.

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