Mukesh and Maniyanpillai jokingly said call terrorists if they shoot, Geetha solved the problem in five minutes: Siddiqui

Geetha was once the shining star of Malayalam cinema. The actor has also played many powerful characters. Actor Siddiqui’s talk about Geeta is now making headlines. This incident happened during the shooting of ‘Nair Saab’.

When Nair came back from Kashmir to act in Saab, only his ticket did not fare well. This is the time when terrorism comes. Mukesh and Manian Pillai Raju came and asked on which number to call if terrorists firing here.

he’s afraid. Everyone’s joking. Everyone leaves with the tickets. Only he is standing like this. Geeta had never spoken to him before that film. I doubt if he ever said good morning. They don’t even know.

Geeta comes and asks what happened. Said ticket is not good. I went to Srinagar airport saying ‘Ok, no, code’ and spoke to the airport manager, who gave the OK within five minutes. She is a very powerful woman.

She is a very clever woman when it comes to presenting something to someone. He acted as her pair in Uppukandam Brothers. very close. Now in America. Geeta told a media that they have worked together in a few films in the meantime.

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