Mukesh Ambani and family ready to welcome the new year; Mumbai’s house is shining

The whole world is ready to welcome the new year. Now billionaire Mukesh Ambani has also decorated his house for the New Year celebrations. This time the house has been prepared in such a way that anyone gets attracted. Antilia, a house in Mumbai, has been decorated with a variety of decorative items.

Mukesh Ambani’s luxury home has been designed by Australian construction firm Leighton Holdings and Chicago-based architects Perkins & Wills.

The Ambani family has shared many adorable pictures of Antilia on social media. Antilia is bathed in lights at night as the building is fully decked up with disco lights and some spectacular light works.

Mukesh Ambani’s home Antilia in Mumbai is the most expensive private residence in the world. Antilia is considered to be the second most expensive property in the world.
The cost of the house is around Rs 7445 crore. Ambani and his family live here.

Antilia is built on 27 floors in an area of ​​400,000 square feet. It has three helipads, a 50-seat cinema theatre, a six-storey parking lot, a large temple, guest suite rooms, a salon, a gym and an ice cream parlour.

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