Mother-sister survived, father missing; She could not see her father at the time of Abhaya Hiranmayi’s death.

Singer Abhay Hiranmayi remains active on social media. The singer tells her fans all the joys and sorrows of her life. Abhay Hiranmayi often talks about his father. Abhay says that she was not with her father at the time of his death.

I am a proud daughter. It was not possible to see at the time of death. A month before he died, he went to see her. I thought the next time I would see him, my father was lying there. When I came downstairs, my father was sleeping in the room.

But not next time. Went to Hyderabad that day. Two weeks later my father, mother and sister also got infected with Covid. Mother and sister narrowly escaped. I remembered my father. Had many problems including diabetes. Second lockdown was announced. The actor says that I took all the flight tickets to go but could not go.

On the other hand, Abhay Hiranmayi is the star who grabbed attention for the song Khalbil Thenojhukana Koikode. The song was a hit and is one such song that will forever remain in the hearts of the people of Kozhikode. Hiranmayi entered the film industry for the first time in 2014. The first film was Naku Penta Naku Taka. After that, Dilip Mamta made her name with the song Tanna Thane from 2 Countries.

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