Mohanlal told Priyan that if he sat for even a month, he would not be the hero in that film – Maniyanpilla Raju

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Mohanlal told Priyan that if he sits for even a month, he will not be the hero in the film: Maniyanpila Raju

Manianpilla Raju talks about his role in the film which was supposed to star Mohanlal. Maniyanpilla Raju said in an interview to Kanchanal Media that he was cast as the hero when Mohanlal had date problems and later Mohanlal refused to play the lead in the film even though he had a vacancy .

Priyadarshan approached Mohanlal to play the lead role in a film. Mohanlal said that there is another film at that time, I bought advance and I can’t come. Then I was made a heroine in that. So I had plans to become a hero, and 15 days before the shoot was to begin, I got a call that Mohanlal’s film had been cancelled. Mohanlal is free.

Do you have any subject, Priyan asked Mohanlal. Mohanlal asked if it was bad, not Raju’s role. Priyadarshan said that he can give a good role in it. Mohanlal said that I will be free for so many days, but I will not come and do it, let Raju do it. He showed a big heart to say so. Maniyanpila Raju said, “Someone else would have acted by asking me to play an innocent role.”

He also shared his memories with late actor Cochin Haneefa. ‘One day I lost five paise. I can’t stand hunger. I went to Hanifa and asked if I had some money and wanted to eat. Hanifa took ten rupees from the Quran. I went and had breakfast. After some time I went to have lunch. When he came back, Hanifa was present there. I asked if he had not gone to eat. He said that he does not feel like eating food today.

By the end of the evening, ten rupees were finished in the hand. I asked Hanifa if you didn’t go to eat and she said Ileto took the last ten rupees in my hand,’ Manianpila said.

Ingredients Highlight: Manianpilla Raju talks about his lead role in the film which was supposed to star Mohanlal

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