Mohanlal kissing Jagti’s hand, Mammootty remembers that good moment

Jagathy Sreekumar is an actor who has acted in about 1500 films in Malayalam. Jagati entered the world of art through her father’s plays. His first play was when he was studying in 5th standard at Thiruvananthapuram Model School. But at the age of 3, Sreekumar acted in the film Aam Om Makanum.

Jagti has returned to cinema after a long break. Jagti also appeared in commercials. Yesterday was Jagati’s 72nd birthday. Many people came to congratulate the star.

Mammootty and Mohanlal have now wished Jagathi on her birthday. Mammootty wrote on Facebook wishing his dear Jagathi Sreekumar “Happy Birthday”. Mammootty also shared a picture with Jagathi. Mohanlal wrote a heartfelt birthday wish for his dearest Ambili Chetan.

Mohanlal shared a picture kissing Jagati’s hand.

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