miss the old sun? Venu Vakil has also reached with Mukundan Unni.

miss the old sun? Venu Vakil has also reached with Mukundan Unni.

Vineeth Sreenivasan starrer Mukundan Unni Associates received a great response from the audience at the time of its theatrical release. Even after the release of OTT, there is a lot of discussion on the social media of the film.

Directed by Abhinav Sundar Nayak, the film is a dark comedy genre. This was a new experience for the audience in the Malayalam industry where there are very few films of this genre. Vineeth Sreenivasan played the title character Mukundan Unni in the film.

Unlike traditional Malayalam heroes, Mukundan Unni is a character whose humanity has not been touched. The audience also praised Vineeth’s performance as Mukundan Unni. Simultaneously, Venu Vakil, played by Suraj Venjaramoodu grabbed everyone’s attention.

Mukundan Unni and Venu are very devious lawyers who use any means to achieve their goal. The film revolves around the rivalry between the two. Venu Vakil is ahead when the match starts. The film answers questions such as, will Mukundan be able to outdo Unni Keeru Venu Vakil and can he win?

Sooraj will be seen in a comedy role after a long gap. Lately, he has been increasingly playing serious roles. Venu Vakil of Mukundan Unni Associates comes at a time when both the audience and himself miss old comedy characters.

Venu Vakil is not a loud comedy character. The seriousness of what he says and shows is like a comedy to the audience. Venu Vakil’s expression and growl are reminiscent of Sooraj’s old comic characters when Mukundan Unni threatens to ‘knife it in the cheek and cut out its tongue and give it to a dog’.

Venu Vakil in Mukundan Unni Associates is one such character which makes the audience wish again for Suraj Vengermood to appear in comedy roles.

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