Mia with beautiful dance moves – video –

Miya George is a notable actress in Malayalam cinema. The actress is active in films even after marriage Actress Mia George, who balances being a mother and working, remains active on social media as well. Now the actress has shared a dance video. Miya dances in saree like a bride. Earlier, Mia’s features had caught everyone’s attention through social media.

Miya is the favorite heroine of Malayalees. Mia, who has been a part of many hit films, is active even after marriage. Mia, who took a short break following the birth of her son Luca, has been active in television shows.

Meanwhile, the actress regularly shares details of her son Luca on social media. Miya and Ashwin celebrated their first wedding anniversary with their son, Luka. Mia got married in September 2020. Husband Ashwin Philip is a businessman.

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Mia and her husband Ashwin recently celebrated Luka’s first birthday. The duo also released a music video for the child.

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