Mental condition is not good, promotion programs were postponed.. Shruti Haasan is undergoing treatment? the actor replied

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Recently there were reports that actress Shruti Haasan was not a part of the promotional events of her films due to mental issues. Shruti did not attend the pre-launch event of Waltair Veeraiya with Chiranjeevi. Meanwhile, the actor also talked about mental health.

With this, rumors have arisen regarding Shruti’s mental condition. A report states that the actress is facing mental problems and is undergoing treatment. Shruti Haasan has now reacted to this news.

The actress clarified that she had fever and not any mental problem. It is the misinformation, over-dramatization and neglect of these issues that scares people away from talking about mental health.

not going to happen. He always talks about mental health. He’ll encourage self-care in every way possible. He had viral fever. Shruti says that if you face such problem then meet a therapist.

The actor replied to this through his Instagram story. Meanwhile, the star’s films ‘Veera Simha Reddy’ and ‘Waltiyar Veeraiya’ have been released. Shruti participated in other promotional events of these films.

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