Meleparampil Aanvadi 2 part script has been written and will be helmed by: Manny C Kappan

Mani C Kappan announced that his debut film Meleparampil would be the second part of Anveed. He opened his mind in an interview to Behind Woods.

My first film was Meleparampil Anveedu. I tried acting in films during my graduation studies but I didn’t get selected. And so it went. And when the money came, I wanted to make a film.

So once I went to Rajasena for a program of Aayalmate Heera, I said I can do a film with Rajasena.

‘ So he asked me to bring him the story. Heard many stories. Meleparampil Aanveedu is one of them. I had told Siddiqui and Lal that if he retreated anywhere, the Rajsena should be with me. He said they would be both. Then they themselves ask to put the name of Manichan. That’s how I became a director,’

Lal came and supported him for five-six days. Siddiqui was all over. So I wrote a heartfelt thank you to Siddique Lal who helped me a lot in directing this film without mentioning the director’s name in the beginning of the film.’

Above is the script for the second part of Men’s House. Will do if some money comes. There will be no self-direction. Can’t stay away from the circle. Either Siddique or Rajsena will direct. The second part will not be a continuation of the first part,’ said Mani C Kappan.

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