Meena’s second marriage; React to the news and be best friends with the actress

Recently the news of Meena’s second marriage came to the fore. The report also states that the groom is the one who knows Meena. This news was released by Telugu media. Later, Meena herself reached the spot in response to this. Now Meena’s best friend Renuka has come forward to answer this gossip news.

Renuka also says that Meena is the only person who advises her on everything. Renuka says Meena looks at me like a sister. The news of Meena getting married again is not true. Renuka said that she does not pay attention to such reports.

Meena is an actress who entered cinema in her early years. After marriage, the actor took a break from acting but soon made a comeback. Meena’s roles opposite Mohanlal in Malayalam have attracted much attention. Meena acted in films of many languages.

The actress also shared her happiness that she was back on location recently. Meena is recovering from a major loss in her life. Colleagues and fans stood by Meena during her difficult times.

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