Married to the love of my life, my Swarna Nayanthara; Vignesh on his best year

Fans celebrated the wedding of actress Nayanthara and Vigneshwin. Both came together after a long time of love. After two months of marriage, two more twins came in their life. This couple gave birth to children through surrogacy. Meanwhile, they had already registered their marriage six years ago.

The posts shared by Vignesh regarding the new year are now catching everyone’s attention.

Vignesh has come to express his gratitude for the happiness that 2022 has given him. “2022 was the best year of my life. When I grow old, most of the memories that make me feel satisfied and happy in my life will be from the last year. Married the love of my life. My gold Nayanthara.

In the greatest moment of life, we got to enjoy many moments full of legends and superstars. It was also a dream year for my family. We were blessed with two boys. Whenever I see… every time I go to him, tears come to my eyes. The tears in my eyes touch them before my lips. I feel very blessed. Thank you God..’ Vignesh wrote.

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