Many people didn’t believe me when I was told that such people are working in films, now with proof Vijay Babu has released, have you seen the Facebook post of Star?

Vijay Babu is one of the most favorite actors of Malayalees. He is known as an actor. But he is better known as a producer among Malayalees. He has produced some of the best and most beautiful films ever made in Malayalam. He is currently one of the best producers in Malayalam.

The name of his production company is Friday Film House. He started a construction company with Sandra Thomas. But now both are not together here. Vijay Babu is now an independent producer.

Chandrika is his last film. Niranjana Anoop is playing the central role in the film. This is a film made with a lot of emphasis on comedy. The film got very good reports. The film is still doing good collections in the theatres.

Also, he alleges that a section of people is deliberately spreading negative reviews against the film. Now they have released it with proof. Now he has released a screenshot of the same person making lewd comments against the film on four different channels. He says that the eyes have to be caught like this. Meanwhile, the young man has given clarification in this incident.

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