Manu’s family thought I was a Nair, so they saw Bina Antony in a magazine, Dadi asked that Antony means Mappila, do you know what happened later?

Beena Anthony is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is seen through the film field and serial field. However, it can be said that the star has the highest number of fans in various serials. The actor has played small and big, positive and negative characters in many serials. Today he is one of the favorite actors of Malayalam family audience.

Beena says that her mother helped her the most in becoming an artist. But he says that his father was a terror in the house. It was the same not only at home but also in the country. He was known as Kittilam Anthony. Many people were afraid of him. That’s why when he was young, no one even came to see his face. There was a lot of strictness in the house.

When the acting opportunity came, my grandfather said that he would not let it go. They say that even when he was starving, he obeyed his father. Grandfather said that he had given him only one chance and after that he would have to stop. It would be fair to say that he had three girls and was afraid of them. Beena Anthony says that after her first opportunity in acting, many opportunities came her way and insisted that she should go for it and when she struggled a lot, her mother supported her.

She married Manoj Kumar. Bina Antony calls him Manu. The two spent the first four days of their marriage at Bina’s house. They say that they go to Manu’s house on the fourth day. Manoj actually belonged to an orthodox Nair family. But he got married without changing his religion. Their wedding reception was attended by all their family members. Beena says that one of Manoj’s grandmothers saw her as a Nair girl. Later I saw Bina Anthony’s name in a magazine. Dadi asks did you say Anthony, is it not Mapila? But Bina Antony says that Manu gave a short answer.

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