Manju’s recent pictures leave hope, but Ayesha surprises – Benjamin

Manju’s recent pictures give hope, Ayesha surprises: Benjamin

Writer Benjamin praised Ayesha starring Manju Warrier. Benjamin said that Ayesha went to see the film without any expectations, but the film took her by surprise. In a post on Facebook, Benjamin said that Ayesha is a good example of how a biopic can be taken brilliantly without being boring and he is recommending it as one of the films to watch. .

‘I had come to Kozhikode yesterday to attend a program in Wayanad. Since there was no other crowd at night, I thought of going to watch a movie. I have seen some good reviews about Ayesha. Still without any hope left. Because talking about Manju Warrier’s recent films, a song sequence from this film.

But contrary to expectations Ayesha completely surprised me. The film is a fine example of how a biopic can be brilliantly taken without being boring. Whether we know actress and revolutionary Nilambur Ayesha or not, we can enjoy this film. How beautifully the film captures the backdrop of Arab/Kerala life and the warmth of human relations.

Knowing some people like Ayesha who became grandmothers and favorites of Arab families, the story did not seem exaggerated at all. The performance of actress Mona who plays the role of maternal uncle is amazing. When given a chance, Manju also did a bang acting. The song that was mentioned earlier in the film was not so obnoxious.
Ayesha also suggests some movies to watch.

NB: I got a seat next to Nilambur Ayesha in the first Lok Sabha Kerala Assembly. It is considered a matter of good fortune to sit and talk with that revolutionary heroine. Kudos to the crew of Ayesha for paying such tribute to her while she was still alive, Benjamin said.

Directed by debutant Aamir Pallikal, Ayesha hits the theaters on January 20. Based on the life of Nilambur Ayesha, the film starred Radhika, Sajna, Poornima, Latifa, Salma, Jennifer, Sarafeena, Sumaiya and Islam in other important roles. The film is getting good response.

Ingredients Highlight: Writer Benjamin praises Ayesha’s film

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