Mamuka doesn’t say she is crazy about acting, but Mohanlal is not like that – Siddiqui

Mamuka doesn’t say she is crazy about acting, but Mohanlal is not like that: Siddiqui

Actor Siddique shares the difference between the compliments he gets while acting with Mammootty and Mohanlal. Siddique said that Mammootty doesn’t say many congratulatory words but Mohanlal has called after watching his films. In an interview to IndiaGlitz Malayalam, Siddique shared his experience with Mammootty and Mohanlal.

‘The appreciation I get from them is sometimes very less. You will not get confused while acting with Mamuka. The biggest compliment you can get is ‘You are great’. That’s all. But it is a great treasure. Mohanlal called me again after watching the film. Siddiqui says she is fine, did you hear her? And I can’t sleep that day. It is a great thing.

After the dubbing of Kunjali Marakar, Mohanlal called me and asked me how I was, Anna. Someone claiming to be a complete actor like Mohanlal is asking me how he was. We are the ones who look from outside and think they are superstars. They don’t have anything like that,’ Siddiqui said.

Siddique also shared the experience of acting for the first time with Prithviraj. ‘I felt a spark when I saw Prithvi act. Ranjit didn’t even need it. Ranjith calls and says we can cast Sukumaran Chetan’s other son. Then I called Mallika Chechi. In the morning the call bell rings and when Ranjit opens the door, Prithvi stands there and says, ‘Yaar, I am Mallika Sukumaran’s son.’ Then selected. No more auditions, no dialogues, nothing done.

At first glance, if you want to choose someone on the sound of the voice, it seems that something is sparking. Later, Prithvi did a good job in the scenes coming to act in Nandanam. There is no other problem. There is no fluttering of a novice. The growth of the Earth is incredible,’ Siddiqui said.

Content Highlight: Actor Siddique shares the difference between being appreciated for acting with Mammootty and Mohanlal

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