Mamooka removed me from that film and I was very upset – after years Mamooka apologized and told the reason for leaving, it was penance done by Mamooka.

Five is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. She was one of the stars that once filled Malayalam cinema. She has received the Best Actress Award. She has acted despite being Mammootty’s daughter and heroine. Now he is planning to be active in cinema again. Now it is being noted that what he said in an interview given to Red FM.

The first time I decided to play the role of Madhubala was in the film Azhagan. Mamuka was the hero of this film. But Mamuka threw me out of the film saying that I am a small child. Mammootty was to play the heroine in the film. He was to act in love scenes. Mamuka said that’s why I’m a small kid and that’s why I can’t match and so no. Angu says he lost that film.

The actor says there was a lot of desire to work with a director like K Balachandran sir and hence missing out on that film was a huge pain. After this he came to Ooty for the shooting of Nilgiri film. When I came to know that Mamuka has reached the location, I went to meet him. He was really shocked when Mamuka was introduced. Mammootty asked are you that big.

Now Anhu says that Mammuka had apologized to me for removing me from that film. Mamuka also said that you refused for that film because that character did not suit you. Anchu says instead Mammootty assured me that he will cast you as my heroine. Anyway, now Mammootty says that when we hear interesting stories like this, we get nostalgic.

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