Mammootty gets angry and says no, Dulare holds his hand while saying no; Had someone else been in my place, Jewel would have cried

Jewel Mary is a Malayali’s favorite star. The actor has worked in many great films and is also a great presenter. The actor has hosted several TV award shows.

Mammootty’s statement of being angry with him during the Anand TV award show is now catching everyone’s attention on social media. He was able to manage it because of who he was.

Jewel says if there was someone else, he might have cried from there. Gehna said these things in an interview given to Milestone Channel.

During an award function, Mammootty’s wife Sulphate was invited on stage by Jewel. But Mammootty reacted angrily.

This video has made a lot of headlines on social media. Jewel is opening up about what really happened that day.

According to what the channel said, Sulphate was invited on stage, but Mammootty and Dulquer were not told about being called on stage.

He announced that Mrs. Sulphate would come to present the next award. But as soon as Mammootty heard this, he said no. When Mammootty said that he cannot go, Dulare held his mother’s hand meaning don’t go.

Everyone was shocked to see this. But he just stood there, expressionless on his face. Because I knew it could be edited.

The live audience was very small. Mind said that whatever happens, don’t cry. One should not lose courage even if there are many stone pelters.

None of them liked the announcement. Mammootty’s face had changed a lot. Sulfate rarely occurs on stage. That’s why I tried it.

You had said that if you clap properly, Salafat ma’am will come. Then the audience clapped. Thus sulfate enters the stage.

Mammootty, Dulaare and Dulaare were ecstatic when the award was announced. The award went to Dulare. Later, Mammootty made a video of him presenting the award to Sulphate Dulquer. Means Mammootty. He will soon change his mind. Gehana said that this is it.

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