Mammootty gave an indirect reply to the Unni Mukundan-vlogger issue, saying that the audience did not expect this reaction from a senior star like Mamooka.

Mammootty is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. Even though he is more than 70 years old, he is more updated than the young people. His latest film is Christopher. After the film Aarat, this is the film directed by Udayakrishnan and directed by Udayakrishnan. Hence the expectations from this film are sky high.

Mammootty is currently attending the promotional events of Christopher film. Today’s young stars are facing a lot of criticism on social media. Mammootty answered a question related to this. But now the audience is saying that the answer given by Mammootty has turned out to be very childish. Viewers say that a senior star like Mammootty should not underestimate the importance of such issues.

“Aren’t they new people! Social media is new. And they are young. We are all old. After that they will be active on social media. Then it is only a natural phenomenon that there will be reactions here and there” – This is Mammootty There was a reaction.

The question asked and the answer given by Mammootty did not mention the name of any young actor. But it is generally said that Mammootty has reacted to the Unni Mukundan issue. Recently, Unni Mukundan called YouTuber Secret Agent for criticizing the movie Malikappuram and spoke in very bad language. Later, when the matter became controversial, Unnimukundan apologized. Although the controversies surrounding the incident have subsided, the reactions are still pouring in.

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