Mammooka who learns by reading dialogues, asks for retakes, carefully watched Asif Ali-Roshak’s new making video


‘Rochak’ is the most talked about film in the Malayalam cinema world in recent times. The film featured a stunning performance by legendary actor Mammootty. The film went on to become a huge success in the theatres, garnering acclaim from the audience and critics alike. ‘Rochak’ has been garnering a lot of appreciation since the day of its release.


Now the makers of the film have released a new making video of Roshak. The video also features some behind-the-scenes details from the film. Before shooting the scene, Mammootty prepares by rehearsing the dialogues. After that, he gets dissatisfied and asks for retakes in the video. Mammootty, with over 50 years of film experience, exudes the same enthusiasm as a first-time actor with the same passion for acting. Fans say that Mammooka’s passion for acting and films is unique.

Asif Ali and director Nizam Basheer are watching everything carefully sitting near the monitors. Earlier, Mammootty’s words of praise for Asif Ali, who played a pivotal role in the film, were noteworthy. Mammootty praised Asif Ali and his performance during the success event of Rooshak in Abu Dhabi.

At the same time, the video of Mammootty gifting a Rolex watch to Asif Ali at the success function of Roshak the other day went viral. After the success of Vikram, Kamal Haasan gifted a Rolex watch to Suriya, which attracted a lot of attention. Asif jokingly asked if Mamuka was gifting him a watch. Mammootty fulfilled this wish at the ceremony. There were many heartwarming moments for the fans.

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