Mammooka said he had made a mistake, I quickly turned back and warmed up and thought the job was over

‘Mammuka said he was the one who made the mistake, I quickly turned back and warmed up, and with that I thought the job was done.’

Celebrity Choreographer and Secretary of FEFCA Dancers Association Manoj Fidak shared his hilarious experience of making Malayalam megastar Mammootty dance to the song Kuttanadan Kayilele from the movie Gastha. In an interview given to Master Bin Channel, Manoj Fidak said that this was the moment when he felt that his film career was over.

Manoj K. This is a shot of Jayan and Mamuka. The camera is placed over them. This is a scene where Mamuka is supposed to bow down while drinking toddy. The choreographer told me that Mamuka should come around and put his hand where he should stand.
I said ok. When the shot came, I put my hand down and when Sir came near, he stood up by hitting my hand.

Don’t know what happened, that shot retake came. Mamuka said that he had done everything wrong and then he said that I had done nothing. Everyone fell silent for a while. Without understanding anything, he suddenly shouted. I thought it was all over. Because I didn’t answer like I was getting hot. I thought he would be angry with me and ask me to go out. But he didn’t say anything.

I don’t know what happened then, there was a mistake on my side, there was a mistake on the camera’s side or on their side, I don’t know what happened. Such was the situation then. After that, after the shooting of the song, he asked where are these dancers from. It was nothing then and just like that it was gone,’ Manoj said.

The View was released in 2004. Directed by Blessy, the film told the story of Pawan, a boy who lost his best friends and made his way through his country due to the Gujarat earthquake, and Madhavan, a film operator.

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