Mammooka gets angry when his wife Sulphate is invited on stage, Dulkar comes and stops her, Gehna Mary reveals the incident, the audience is shocked to know the incident.

Jewel Mary is one of the most favorite stars of Malayalees. The actor is best known as an anchor. The actor has also made a name for herself as an actress. The actor has played minor and major roles in several films. Now the things said by the actor in the interview given to the channel Milestone Makers are being looked into.

Mammootty, his wife and sweetheart once attended an award function. There was a request from the channel that Madam Sulphate should come to present the award. But they were not told so. Suddenly, Sulfat invites Madam on stage to give her the Jewel Mary Award. But Mamuka said he would not go immediately. Mamuka said this in front of the camera. But Jewel Mary’s facial expressions showed no difference. Jewel Mary knew that this incident could only be edited. And the live audience was very small.

Dulquer Salmaan was also holding his mother’s hand, meaning not to go. Jewel Mary says she didn’t like it at all. But later when he said that the award should be given to Dulquer, Mammooka’s face changed. Later it was said that if you clap well, Madam Sulphate will come on stage. Jewel Mary tells that when everyone clapped and ran like this, they somehow came on the stage.

When the award was announced to Dulquer, their faces changed. Afterwards everyone behaved very happily. The loved ones were also very happy. Mammootty was videotaping the incident while Jewel Mary was watching. Jewel Mary says that’s all for it. Later he went and talked to Mrs. Sulphate and said that she said this because she was under a lot of stress.

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